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About Rist Guitars
An instrument is about feel. How it feels is everything! How it feels in your hands, how it hangs on your body, how it balances, what it weighs.... All are factors in:


I have found, through years of repairs, even a mediocre instrument can be made to sound great...without changing electronics! How? by changing the feel, making the instrument feel better an instrument that feels good sounds better because it becomes more part of the player and easier to work with. A good feeling guitar or bass is a joy to play and you will play better!

Why not make it feel like part of you from the start? My Goal is to give you that. years of restorations have taught me that it is possible to have a brand new guitar or bass feel like an old friend

I build high end Guitars and Basses that feel and sound good

The finest tone woods are used your choice of electronics choice of finishes fret sizes scale lengths fingerboard radiuses choice of hardware

Full repair , restoration and custom facilities as well.




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One of the original custom shops building instruments for over 20 years

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